What Is Health Coaching?

The Health Coach Program at Primal Roots is based on scientifically validated approach to wellness that focuses on bringing back our primitive behaviors by reintroducing low-carb, whole foods, inspiring daily activity, and reducing overall stress levels.

As the ancestral (a.k.a. paleo) approach of health and quality of life becomes more mainstream, many people around the world are seeing the benefits of adhering to a primally rooted lifestyle, which includes nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and overall lifestyle.

Primal Roots Wellness Coaching consists of a fully integrative strategy that analyzes all aspects of life in order to achieve optimal potential and lasting improvements.

The goal of our coaching curriculum is to gradually teach each client how to become their own coach and maintain a Primal Lifestyle. It is our broader goal to make an impact on society as a whole by creating a community of conscious people doing what is best for their health by living a life that reaps benefits to the greater wellbeing of the world.