Reach Your Untapped Potential Through

Ancestral Health Fundamentals.

The Primal Roots Academy’s Ancestral Health Programming covers how to shop for and cook nourishing foods while eliminating inflammatory and harmful items. Learn about essential human exercise for optimum health and tap into a deeper level of consciousness through mindfulness practices.

While there is not a cure all for the most common ailments of today there are basic changes you can make to your daily routine that will get you closer to your optimal life.

Learn to live a life that nature intended and
break free from conventional wisdom.

Understand what is needed to thrive and learn how to access it in today’s modern society.

Coaching Success Stories

“Jared Chrisman of Primal Roots Health Coaching is our family’s health coach. Jared has gone above and beyond to set the stage for success on our journey to a more primal lifestyle. He has been thoughtful, professional and extremely informative…”

- Schmitz Family

“Primal Roots gave me the tools and support I needed to take control of my health. I had constantly suffered from muscle and joint inflammation, as well as acne and weight gain. This new lifestyle has given me my life back! Thank you Primal Roots!”

- Amber

What is covered in the Four-Week Online Course?

During the Four-Week Course, students will be introduced to eating, exercise and other lifestyle patterns that are more aligned with that of our ancestors.  We take a modern approach to our teachings with Video Lessons, Interactive Exams, links to Blogs, Podcasts, Books, and more from thought leaders in the Paleo/Primal Lifestyle.

What support system is offered for Enrolled Students?

Students will be able to comment directly on topics in the course, email, and message a Primal Roots Coach for specific questions.  Students also get a 30-Minute Video Conference Call once a week to ask in-depth and/or personal questions regarding their progress in the Health Course.

Is there an option to continue after the first month?

Yes!  After the initial 30 days is often when students need the most support.  They have made a drastic shift in lifestyle and don’t know how to sustain it.  They may be receiving pushback from their loved ones as well so we offer a Monthly Membership to access new videos, blogs, and links to information from influencers in the Primal Community.  For the nominal price, it is well worth staying engaged to make this new lifestyle transition something that stays.

How much time is required to take the Course?

Each student’s pace will vary in the course but in order to not feel overwhelmed, the goal is to have students review the weekly modules at the beginning of the week and refer to the supporting documents and links thereafter to help establish the newly introduced concepts.

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