• “Primal Roots gave me the tools and support I needed to take control of my health. I had constantly suffered from muscle and joint inflammation, as well as acne and weight gain. This new lifestyle has given me my life back! Thank you Primal Roots!”

    - Amber

  • “Jared Chrisman of Primal Roots Health Coaching is our family’s health coach. Jared has gone above and beyond to set the stage for success on our journey to a more primal lifestyle. He has been thoughtful, professional and extremely informative. Jared helped us purge our fridge, freezer and pantry of foods that were less than optimal for our family’s health. He has taken us shopping at our local health food stores to point out options that will provide our family with foods that we can be sure are healthy and that are going to offer fuel for our bodies. He has provided a plethora of information via books, videos, blog posts, pod casts etc., that are full of information to further educate us on adopting a way of living that will ultimately lead our family to health and wellness. Although our primal journey has really just begun we can honestly say that after only a few months, we’re feeling better, losing weight and thrilled to be doing the right thing for our family. We couldn’t be happier that we chose Jared to take our family on a journey to a more primal lifestyle.”

    - Schmitz Family